About MRN

We are an interactive mathematics website specializing in algebra 1, geometry and algebra 2.

We offer school subscriptions and individual student (home-schooler) subscriptions.


School/Teacher/Student benefits:


  • Teachers can quickly create their classes and invite students to join.
  • Teachers can quickly create practice assignments from thousands of available regents-level, specifically categorized and easily located questions.
  • Teachers can create "start" and "end" date/time for assignments.
  • Teachers can choose multiple-choice, fill-in, and free-response questions for their assignments.
  • Teachers can control when and if to allow students to view full solutions and lessons before/after they enter their answer.
  • Teachers can choose to scramble the question order for each student.
  • Teachers can choose to enable the 'similar' question feature which allows the student the opportunity to practice a similar question prior to answering a teacher assigned question.
  • Teachers can choose to have the student take an assignment without skipping questions.
  • Teacher can view results of all auto graded assignments with displayed data analysis.
  • Teacher can easily grade uploaded long answer questions.
  • Students upload longer free response for quick viewing and grading by teacher.
  • Teachers can easily "Flip the Classroom".
  • Teachers can share assignments with other team teachers.
  • A great tool for teachers and students in Lab/Resource Room classes.
  • All students enrolled in a teacher's class also have unlimited access for viewing lessons and creating their own personalized practice sets.
  • Excellent tool for test review, homework review, spiraling review and cumulative exam preparation.

Algebra 1,  Geometry,  Algebra 2,  Precalculus,  Calculus

Instant remediation
Unlimited review

Individual (Home-Schooler) benefits:

  • Unlimited viewing of lessons and solutions
  • Self created practice sets
  • Graded assessments
  • Each of our thousands of questions has a video solution and video lesson attached
  • Outstanding tool for improvement of mathematics scores
  • Easily locate desired topics of study
  • Affordable mathematics education
  • Excellent tool for test review, homework review, spiraling review and cumulative exam preparation
  • Created, designed and continually updated by two current veteran mathematics teachers


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