School Subscriptions

School Subscription

Includes unlimited number of teacher accounts and one school-wide code.

Yearly Administrative Fee: $1,000


70% of school population* times $3.50

(*Grades 8 through 12)


Small school: 8th - 12th grade population: 500 students

70% X 500 = 350

350 X $3.50 = $1,225 +$1,000

Total school cost $2,225

Medium school:  8th - 12th grade population: 1,500 students

70% X 1,500 = 1,050

1,050 X $3.50 = $3,675 +$1,000

Total school cost $4,675

Large school:  8th - 12th grade population: 2,500 students

70% X 2,500 = 1,750

1,750 X $3.50 = $6,125 + $1,000

Total school cost $7,125



Teacher Benefits


Create each class you teach


Invite students to join and see names joined


Create assignments from tens of thousands of questions


Create assignments for all, some or one student


Quickly and easily find concepts


Use multiple choice, fill-in or free response type questions


Create start and close, day and time for each assignment


All assignments are saved year to year


Easily extend or reopen closed assignments


Automated computer grading with scores and student answers displayed


See student progress throughout assignment


Easy clear data analysis displayed for each assignment  


Easily reassign past assignment questions on a new assignment


Easily share assignments with colleagues 


Easily see any assignment question while in class results


Easy download and/or print of assignment and student results


No reply email all, some or one student


Recording of all emails sent


Choose to display or not display our proprietary ‘View Solution’, View Lesson’, ‘View Similar’, and Scramble Questions’ buttons


After a questions answer is submitted by the student, ‘View Solution’ is activated for instant student remediation which allows for more teacher driven class time.


Flip the classroom by creating an assignment with ‘View Lesson’ and ‘View Solution’ buttons activated

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